It's not just about what you say, but how you say it

Tone of voice is nearly 40% of an entire spoken message, per social psychology and neuroscience literature. Understanding how something is said when one is speaking can be almost as important as the textual content itself.
Tonal Sentiment on Earnings Call Q&A

Aiera and Helios have launched a brand new data set that scores uncertainty & confidence in the tone of voice used by management teams to answer Q&A in earnings calls - a powerful new data offering that has never before been available. Be the first to try it. Join the beta today.



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Reading Between The Lines


Comparing Tonal & Textual Sentiment In The Semiconductor Sector

Understanding HOW something is said when one is speaking can be almost as important as the textual content itself.

Aiera's tonal case study assesses tonal (and textual) sentiment across management commentary in the semiconductor sector (which is expected to worsen), yielding some notable insights.

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"As a sell-side analyst, I consider Aiera an absolute mandate for me and my team’s operations. Aiera has saved me more times than I can count, especially during earnings season, as I’m able to read live transcripts when I have 3 calls at once and not miss management remarks or show up to Q&A unprepared.”

- Lead Software Analyst for a Leading Global Research Firm

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